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Investment-enabled marketplace for Quantitative Hedge Fund Strategies

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Invest in AI-Driven Quantitative Trading Strategies developed by leading hedge fund managers via the Kvants Platform.

AI-Driven Quant Trading

Kvants redefines HODLing and enables crypto investors to enhance their portfolios with Quantitative trading strategies developed by leading hedge funds.

API Trading

Connect your CeFi Exchange to the Kvants Plus+ App via API

Omni Chain Vaults
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Non-Custodial Omni Chain Quantitative Trading Vaults, powered by the OmniQuant Infrastructure

DeFi Vaults

Invest into Non-Custodial DeFi Quant Vaults that deploy Quant Strategies on DyDx


Average compounded annual growth rate of the algorithms available on the Kvants Platform.


Whitelisted participants for our Public Alpha Waitlist


Aggregate AUM of Quant Funds that listed their Quant Strategies on Kvants.


Yearly Return of highest performing Quantitative Strategy available on Kvants

Quant Strategies

The Enhanced Strategy for Ethereum blends active trading of liquid cryptocurrencies with consistent investment in ETH. It targets alpha returns by exploiting market inefficiencies while maintaining exposure to Ethereum's beta returns. Profits from trades are reinvested into ETH, balancing the pursuit of immediate gains with long-term growth in Ethereum. The strategy employs diversification and adapts to market conditions for risk management, effectively combining short-term profit opportunities with Ethereum's inherent market performance.


How Kvants leverages the power of AI

Kvants brings AI-driven quant Strategies to crypto investors via a sophisticated and easy-to-navigate platform. Select, analyse, and invest in strategies developed by experienced Quantitative hedge funds that integrate artificial intelligence interpretation models into rational trading models.

Democratizing AI-Driven Asset Management.
Earn passive risk-adjusted returns.
Diversify your crypto portfolio via institutional-level trading strategies

Kvants emphasizes the due-dilligence into funds we offer on our asset management platform. We perform Institutional grade due diligence into each AI-Driven Quant Strategy offered to investors. Via testing and proof-of-concept, with real capital allocation to verify reported trading returns before offering the strategy on Kvants Plus+.

Features of the Kvants Platform

Insights and recent market analysis
Invest in Quantitative Trading Strategies
No-lockup &
The #1st AI-Enabled Quant Trading Asset Management Platform
Access the World of Institutional-grade Asset Management

Talk to RoboQuant

Your Smart Robo Advisor for selecting suitable Quant Trading Strategies.

Get recommendations on which Quant Trading strategy or Strategy Index available on our platform will best suit your expected return, risk appetite, and trading style.

Quantitative Strategy Portfolios

Invest in Portfolios made up of multiple Quantitative Trading Strategies to maximise your diversification and alpha generation potential.

Delta Neutral Index
Annualized Return
Risk Rating

Invest into a composition of direction neutral quantitative strategies. That trade using robust mathematical models on top of the 100 most liquid pairs.

Smart Alpha Index
Annualized Return
Risk Rating

Smart Beta Strategies that accumulate more of the underlying asset from Alpha Strategies + You benefit from the Beta returns of the asset.

Long Only Index
Annualized Return
Risk Rating

A Index of Long Only Strategies aiming to maximise your holdings by via volumetric factor models, sell high buy back low.

Investment ecosystems


How to invest with Kvants

01Mint A KYC NFT

The KYC NFT serves as an unlock key to the entire Kvants Ecosystem. Mint a KYC NFT, pass KYC/AML verification via our integration with BlockPass and get verified to start investing in minutes.

02Stake A $KVAI Tier

Stake a $KVAI Tier that allows you to invest in Quantitative strategies available on Kvants Plus+.

03Explore Strategies

Learn about the Strategy's fundamentals and review key performance ratios such as the Sharpe Ratio, Calmar Ratio, and maximum draw-down to better understand them.

Or, use RoboQuant, to get suggestions that match your risk appetite and return expectations.

04Select and Invest

Select a strategy that suits your portfolio, and invest via one of the three ways available:

CeFi API Connection
DeFi On-Chain Quant Vault
OmniChain Quant Vault



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