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Investment-enabled marketplace for Quantitative Hedge Fund Strategies

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Invest in AI-Driven Quantitative Trading Strategies developed by leading hedge fund managers via the Kvants Platform.

AI-Driven Quant Trading

Kvants democratizes investing in Quantitative and Algorithmic Funds by introducing a legally compliant NFT fractionalized fund subscription model, allowing crypto investors to pool their funds together and invest into institutional-grade quant trading strategies.


Average compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of the algorithms available on the Kvants Platform.


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How Kvants leverages the power of AI

Kvants brings AI-Driven Quant Strategies to crypto investors via a sophisticated and easy-to-navigate platform. Select, analyse and invest in strategies developed by experienced hedge fund managers with backgrounds from leading investment banks such as JP Morgan & Citi Group.

Hedge fund investment opportunities, democratized!
Earn passive Alpha
Diversify your crypto portfolio via institutional-level trading strategies

Every Institutional level AI Trading Strategy offered to investors on the Kvants Platform has gone through a rigorous due-diligence process of testing and proof-of-concept, with real capital allocation to verify reported trading returns prior to offering the tokenised strategy on the platform.

The platform utility


Invest into quantitative trading strategies developed by institutional hedge funds and approach alpha generation from an alternative avenue. Expand your portfolios horizons via the tokenised NFT Fund Subscription Models.

Features of the Kvants Platform

Insights and recent market analysis
Invest in quantitative trading algorithms
Fractionalized fund investing
Approach alpha generation in alternative ways
Access the world of institutional asset management tools

Investment ecosystems


How to invest with Kvants Platform

01Mint A KYC NFT

The KYC NFT serves as an unlock key to the entire Kvants Ecosystem. Mint a KYC NFT, pass KYC/AML verification via our integration with BlockPass and get verified to start investing in minutes.

02Stake A $KVNT Tier

Stake a 10% collateral corresponding to your desired investment amount. For example, if you invest $10,000 via the Kvants Platform, you will be required to stake a minimum of $1,000 worth of $KVNT tokens.

03Explore Available Strategies

Learn about the Strategies fundamentals and review key performance ratios such as the Sharpe Ratio, Calmar Ratio, and maximum draw-down to better understand the AI-Driven strategy's fundamentals.

See the Hedge Funds quarterly updates, past performance, subscription terms, and redemption period.

04Select An AI-Driven Trading Strategy

Every strategy offered on the Kvants Platform has been carefully vetted and has been developed by leading hedge fund managers.

Select an AI-Driven Trading Strategy that suits your risk appetite and maturity period and deploy your capital into the fund via minting the Subscription NFT, representing your contribution to the fund.



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